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Feature-rich app to tag your music files and keep your collection organized
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In order to keep large music collections neatly organized regardless of the format of your music files, you require a comprehensive yet flexible tool like TagScanner. This feature-rich utility comes with all the functions you need to tag your MP3, FLAC, Ogg, WMA, APE, or WAV files (among others) fully, lyrics and cover art included. It searches the most reputed online databases looking for missing tags, and uses them to rename your files in a consistent and meaningful way.

As it happens with most tagging programs, TagScanner’s interface is packed up with data, features, options, panels, and whatnot (TagScanner has even a tiny audio player at the bottom-left side of the main window!), making it sometimes difficult for newbies to find their way through it. Unlike most tagging programs, though, TagScanner’s interface is organized in an intuitive way. The main panel holds your music collection, showing you all their tags in as many columns as necessary. The smaller panels on the right-hand side display all the parameters and options required to perform the active function, among Rename, Edit, Online, Generate, and Export. These can be selected using the tabbed menu on the top-left side of the interface.

The “Rename” function offers you a wide set of customizable patterns and templates that guarantee the highest level of flexibility when building your filenames using the tags available. While you are at it, you can also reorganize your collection by moving it to a different location and deleting any empty folders. In the “Edit” tab is where you edit existing tags and complete those missing. You can work on the so-called Standard set of tags or the Advanced one, depending on how thorough you wish to be on your cataloging. “Online” has been designed to help you complete your catalog by retrieving the necessary tags from renowned music databases, such as freeDB, MusicBraiz, or Discogs, and incorporating them to the relevant files automatically.

Likewise, the “Generate” function automates the renaming process by using the same functionality we found in “Rename” and adding other possibilities, such as importing tags from a text file, or filling and formatting them using other fields different from the filename. Finally, the “Export” option will let you create M3U playlists, HTML pages, CSV spreadsheets, TXT or XML files, etc.

TagScanner comes with all the functionality that any a serious cataloger and/or music collector needs to organize the most complex set of music files, regardless of their numbers and of how many different audio formats it contains.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Wide range of features and functions
  • Attractive interface
  • Templates to rename music files
  • Supports all ID3, Vorbis, APE, WMA, and MP4 tags
  • Imports and exports tags from and to text files


  • Online searches lack accuracy at times
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