TagScanner 5.1

Flexible ID3 tag editor for MP3, FLAC, WMA, MP4, Ogg, APE and other audio files
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What makes TagScanner a serious contender over most tag editors fighting for a place in the market is a mixture of assets – an attractive and well-structured interface, its extensive support for all the most common audio file formats and for all ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags, a wide variety of automated tagging and renaming processes and, finally, the fact that it is a free tool.

TagScanner offers you all the features you need to effectively tag, rename, organize, and classify your music collection. It supports not only MP3, but also Ogg, FLAC, WMA, M4A, APE, WavPack, and AAC files, among others, and it allows you to edit, add, and replace tags either manually or by importing them from existing online databases (such as freedb or Amazon), including the album artwork and the lyrics (when available).

The program’s interface is neatly organized in various tabs, and all the information is clearly distributed into two main panels – one for the audio tracks, and another one for all features and settings involved in the selected task. You can add, delete, and modify any tag manually in the Tag Editor tab, and import new tags from selected online databases and sites using the Tag Processor option. The Music Renamer tab allows you not only to use the information stored in the existing tags to batch-rename the file names of your music collection, but also to organize all your audio tracks in neatly-named folders.

Finally, TagScanner offers you full support for audio playlists and tag lists. The List Maker tab offers you tools not only to export your tags into text-based files, but also to create audio playlists (such as M3U) and to produce HTML or CSV “catalogs” of your entire music collection. It is always very gratifying to come across free software tools that go beyond the functionality and the interface design offered by so-called “professional” commercial tools.

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  • Attractive and well-structured interface
  • Offers you "professional" functionality for free
  • Supports the most widely used audio file formats
  • Wide selection of automated tagging and renaming tasks


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